Insurance Survey & Loss Assessment


Insurance Survey and Loss Assessment


Insurance Survey and Loss assessment services are offered by CISLA on account of following type of claims.

  • Marine Cargo
  • Engineering
  • Fire



  • Driving License Verification
  • Pay & Recovery
  • Fraudulent cases handling
  • Third party liability

Ancillary Services

  • Marine Cargo Surveys
  • On hire – Off Hire
  • Pre shipment inspection of Frozen Cargo
  • Pre shipment inspection of General Cargo
  • Plant and Premises
  • Discharge and delivery supervision of bulk and liquid cargo
  • Container Inspection
  • Container stuffing and de stuffing supervision
  • Claims Adjustment by experienced claims handling professionals

Claim Consultation

Following an insured loss e.g. fire, water, storm, flood, we will examine your insurance policies to determine what types of claims can be submitted to your insurance company. We then prepare, submit and negotiate your claim.

We handle many types of insurance losses, the most common being fire, storm, flood, burst pipes, burglary, and subsidence. We also prepare third party losses and consequential loss claims. We act for both individuals and businesses.

For individual clients, we will report your claim to insurers on your behalf and request that a loss adjuster be appointed. We will meet with the loss adjuster at your house and agree a scope of repairs. We will prepare and cost a bill of quantities for building damage and lists of damaged household contents. We will undertake all negotiations with your Insurers and/or their appointed loss adjusters to ensure that you obtain the best possible settlement in the shortest time. We will never, however, accept any settlement offer without your approval. We work closely with our clients and keep them informed as to all developments.

For business clients, we will prepare and cost a bill of quantities for building damage and inventories for damaged goods and undertake all negotiations with Insurers to achieve the best possible settlement. In cases where business operations cease or are disrupted following a loss, we will advise and assist on how best to present your business interruption claim and restore your business to its pre-loss state as quickly as possible. We will also prepare consequential loss claims for businesses. We will prepare, submit and negotiate your consequential loss claim.

For both household and business clients we will handle all aspects of the insurance claim from first report to final settlement, a settlement that our clients will be happy with.

More Services

Insurance policies consist of multiple parts and sub-parts, including coverage grants, exclusions, identities of insured, conditions of coverage, counter-party risks, reporting obligations, as well as “other insurance” provisions and items. We regularly conduct policy reviews to identify and bridge gaps in existing policies.
It is very important for both individuals and businesses to ensure that they are adequately insured for any loss that may occur. We can review your current policy and ensure that you are adequately protected.
To ensure that you have the appropriate cover with your insurance policy we will review your current policy and evaluate it with regards to your actual needs.

We work for Solicitors in the preparation of Insurance Claims to be submitted as part of pending legal proceedings. Our invaluable knowledge in the area of claims has been of enormous benefit in the preparation of law suits for the legal profession. We will also review claims that have been submitted to solicitor’s clients to check and validate the quantum aspect.

When you buy a new property, a snag list should be arranged at the completion stage, to outline the ‘snags’, small problems, or unfinished pieces of work that need to be completed before you complete the sale. We will visit your new property and compile a comprehensive snag list on your behalf.

We provide a better way to manage your portfolio through our group of experienced general insurance & financial service professionals. We will assist you in analyzing your portfolio so you can maximize your financial potential. To remain successful in our current economic climate, assessing risk and examining returns is vital to future gains.
Whether you need to purchase new coverage, audit existing policies to ensure they remain competitively priced and are aligned with your objectives, or to work your advisor for coverage planning purposes, we have the expertise to take your insurance planning to the next level.
Cogs advisors work with clients to capitalize on the opportunities that the insurance market provides as well as identify the optimum coverage for each individual or business.

We help our clients avoid problems before they occur. We assess risk and, where possible, avoid or mitigate it, before a loss, claim, or other dispute arises. We evaluate and quantify client needs and recommend tailored and thoughtful advice for avoidance, mitigation, and/or transfer of risk. Insurance products are frequently one of solutions we recommend, including atypical insurance such as captive insurance or self-insurance. We often suggest revising business documents, changing business practices, or implementing non-insurance risk avoidance and transfer strategies.

It is customary to have route survey (Roads and bridges) from origin to destination covering followings:

  • Distance and Highways (state, National etc.).
  • States passed type of highway (Lanes) and traffic.
  • Total number of bridges and type IRS 70R/ Class A A
  • Over Head objects and clearance.
  • Toll tax booths and parking places.
  • Congested villages / cities / Towns.
  • Railway crossing electrified and non electrified.
  • Road under bridge structures and height clearance.
  • H.T. lines and height clearance / Low tension and domestic wires.
  • Permissions from RTO, CPWD, WD, NH, H etc.